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Speech Therapy FAQ

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Hope Speaks! Thinking about getting on a plane to go and serve in another country halfway across the world brings up quite a few questions! Below are the most common questions that we receive. We are happy to answer any other questions that you might have! Just send us an email at or us our online form.



During a typical day with Hope Speaks, you can expect to work with, play with, and serve children with special needs and their families at our various partner schools and organizations in Kampala. Depending on the current needs of the organization, as well as your passions and skills, there will be opportunities to participate in a wide range of activities, such as speech therapy, home visits, community advocacy and education events, village outreaches, family empowerment programs, and parent and caregiver support groups.

We also welcome volunteers who are interested in serving in areas other than speech therapy! Whether your passion is photography, marketing, blogging, design, etc., please let us know and we can talk more about utilizing your gifts with Hope Speaks.

During your time in Uganda, we also strive to provide you with experiences where you can more fully experience the love of Christ and deepen your personal relationship with him through corporate worship, devotionals, and encouragement.

We welcome volunteers year-round. The length of trips ranges from 3 weeks for short-term volunteers to 9 months or longer for professionals and Clinical Fellowship positions.

If you’re interested in volunteering, please email to request an application. We will review the applications and follow up within 4 weeks.

Yes. If you are accepted to serve with us, we will email you a detailed packet of information to help prepare you for your trip to Uganda. In it will be included a list of suggested items to pack, recommended reading materials, and information about what you can expect to experience in Uganda.

We have a safe and peaceful guesthouse where you can stay during your time in Uganda. We know that ministry days require physical, emotional and spiritual energy and we endeavor to provide an atmosphere that refreshes you to be ready to serve the community each morning. Lodging, breakfast, dinner, laundry, cleaning, home internet, and home security are all provided at the Hope Speaks guesthouse.

We do our utmost to ensure the safety of our volunteers, and in our many years of traveling and living in Uganda, we've never had any problems. Precautionary measures, such as taking malaria medication, staying in groups, and following the group leader’s directions, will go a long way to keeping you safe. We also require all volunteers to sign up for the U.S. Embassy Smart Traveler Enrollment Program. For more information, visit the site.

Due to unique nature of each trip, the cost varies. When we receive your application, we will be able to give you a quote based on the dates and length of stay. If your application is accepted, we can work with you to brainstorm fundraising ideas. Funds received through Hope Speaks are tax-deductible.

The cost of a trip with Hope Speaks includes flights, accommodations, airport pickup and dropoff, transportation, ministry activities, a cultural day, and administrative expenses. You’ll want to bring along extra money for optional items and activities, such as souvenirs and overnight trips to go on safari and to the various tourist destinations.

  • Ugandan visa ($50 for a 90-day visa) which you can acquire through the Ugandan Embassy before arriving.
  • Souvenirs and occasional meals when we are away from home
  • Excursions such as white-water rafting, bungee jumping, or safari. If you choose to do any of these things, you will most likely be required to pay in USD and are looking to spend between $115 (bungee jumping) and $850 (an unforgettable safari).

We welcome colleges and clinics to take teams of up to 12 people. However, if you have a bigger team, we would love to work with you to figure out how best we can accommodate your group.



Yes! Students who come for a volunteer trip or internship will get to observe or participate in a wide range of clinical experiences under the supervision of our co-founder, who is an ASHA certified speech-language pathologist.

Yes, we do offer a limited number of CF positions each year. Our co-founder is an ASHA certified speech-language pathologist who is able to mentor you for your CFY. Our CF positions are volunteer-based, but we are happy to work with you to brainstorm fundraising ideas to cover the cost of your time in Uganda!

English is the mode of instruction in Uganda, so most kids understand English. However, in instances where families do not speak or prefer English, we work with translators during therapy. Interns will take part in a language class which will help them understand the basics of Luganda, the language that is widely spoken in central Uganda and around the country.

We provide therapy to children at various clinic sites around the country, including local schools, homes, slums, and other NGOs working with children with special needs in Uganda.