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Undergraduate Students | Volunteer Opportunity

Have a passion to teach speech?

Do you want to make a difference in the life of a disabled child by giving them a voice they can use to alter the future of themselves and their community? If so, then joining the speech pathology team at Hope Speaks is right up your alley.

Our nonprofit organization works each day with children who have speech disabilities to assist them in raising their voice and learning how to develop speaking and swallowing habits that foster a brighter future. We're always looking for undergraduate students who want to donate their time and skills for the greater good of the community in Uganda.


Join the Mission

Our Mission

We believe that children born in all income levels should have access to speech education. Right now, we're specifically working with children in Uganda to give them access to education, speech therapy, and overall advocacy for change.

Our work in the recent year has sparked the interest of many families who have opted for reaching out to get speech therapy services for their children. We now use the income from upper and middle class paying clients to support free speech therapy sessions for those in the lower class.


Where We Work

Uganda has been referred to as the Pearl of Africa and for good reason. It's home to over 40 million people. Apart from having such a large population, Uganda is a very poor nation. This has resulted in a lack of education, unclean water, and inconsistent income for its residents.

With all of these factors in play, it's easy to see why about 19 percent of the population is living with a disability. Our speech team helps to assist these children with speech therapy and rehabilitation services. By means of a diligent work effort, we're able to provide speech therapy in multiple locations throughout the country. These include:

  • Kampala School For The Physically Handicapped
  • International Schools
  • Dawn Childrens Centre
  • Mukisa Foundation
  • Mercy Childcare Ministry
  • Angels Center For Children With Special Needs
  • Katanga Slum


Why Volunteer For Hope Speaks?

Hope Speaks is a nonprofit organization. We're looking for undergraduate students that are looking to make a real difference in a country that will much appreciate it. By simply donating some of your time and experience, you can make a real difference in the life of children with disabilities in the Uganda region. You'll give them a true voice that they can use to change their culture's history going into the future.

Become A Volunteer

Serve with Hope Speaks by becoming a volunteer. Download our application to get started.


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How to Contribute to Hope Speaks?

If you would like to help disabled youth in Uganda, it's time to act. As an undergraduate student, you can apply for our intern work program. This time commitment is three weeks, at the minimum. Even if you are unable to donate your time, Hope Speaks also accepts donations. By donating, it will help us expand our outreach.


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