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Professional | Volunteer Opportunity

Interested in a Professional Volunteer Opportunity?

Are you a professional who is passionate about speech pathology? Are you looking for a global opportunity to serve others through speech therapy, advocacy and education? Hope Speaks provides a unique opportunity for you to do both. If you hold an ASHA Certificate of Clinical Competence and can commit to a minimum of ten days of service, you can volunteer to perform much needed services.

These services include providing patient evaluations and treatment, training staff and caregivers, supervising intern evaluations and treatment, and providing community education and outreach. Put your passion and skills to work by advocating for and empowering families and individuals to lead their best lives.

Our Mission

When the professionals at Hope Speaks realized that no one in Uganda, even those who can afford it, actually has consistent access to high quality speech and language therapy, they developed their innovative One for Two model. By expanding services to paying clients, Hope Speaks can reach more families and communities in Uganda.

The One for Two model, in which funds received by paying clients are used to provide speech therapy services for two children in poverty, helps sustain the mission of Hope Speaks: Inspiring hope and raising voices of people with disabilities through therapy, advocacy, and social services.

Join the Mission

Where We Work

People in Uganda face many challenges: Lack of education, high rates of poverty and life threatening illnesses, unclean water, and much more. These factors have resulted in an increase in disabilities throughout the country. Volunteers work in seven locations, from the capital city of Kampala to remote villages, to provide services where they would otherwise not be offered. These include:

  • Kampala School For The Physically Handicapped
  • International Schools
  • Dawn Childrens Centre
  • Mukisa Foundation
  • Mercy Childcare Ministry
  • Angels Center For Children With Special Needs
  • Katanga Slum

Why Volunteer For Hope Speaks?

When you volunteer with Hope Speaks, you not only provide exceptional speech therapy and education, but you also help to empower impoverished families to rise up and reach their full potential. By advocating for children with disabilities, you will help them to embrace a sense of dignity. By collaborating with others, you will add sustainability to our program, ensuring that it meets the needs of Ugandans for years to come.

Professional Volunteer

Become a Volunteer

Serve with Hope Speaks by becoming a volunteer. Download our application to get started.

How to Contribute to Hope Speaks?

You can help in many ways. Volunteers work with parents to give them the tools they need to understand their child's strengths and challenges. They work with teachers and caregivers on speech therapy interventions that they can use daily to foster speech and language development in the children they work with.

Volunteers also mentor Ugandan speech therapy interns as they gain the important clinical experience needed to become competent speech therapists in Uganda or elsewhere. If you are a certified speech therapist, please help us fulfill our mission by volunteering for Hope Speaks. If you are not a speech therapist, please consider volunteering in another capacity, such as photography or marketing, or make a donation, which will help us to further expand our outreach.


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