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Do you believe you were born to create a real difference in the world? Global and ministry missions are a great way to live the life you were meant to. Hope Speaks is a non-profit organization that is passionate about providing speech pathology and rehabilitation services to the disabled children of the nation of Uganda.


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Why Hope Speaks

Our Mission

Our staff prides itself on the mission of inspiring hope in low-income communities by helping disabled children raise their voice. Many children in the Uganda region are born without adequate clean water, they lack education, and are accompanied by a high rate of life-threatening illnesses. This has produced disabilities in about 19 percent of the nation's youth population.

At Hope Speaks, we celebrate every child and work with them to understand their fullest potential possible. Through the help of speech pathology, these disabled children are learning how to communicate with others in their community and speak up for what they believe in. Seeing these children blossom into capable community members is something that is hard to put into words. You truly need to experience the feeling for yourself!


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Where We Work

Known as the Pearl Of Africa, Uganda is home to about 40 million people. The sad truth is that about 75 percent of the population lives on about $3 per day. With about 65 percent of the population being under 30, there's a huge need for helping those who are disabled speak up for their community.

Our staff members work out of seven locations throughout the country of Uganda.

These locations include:

  • Dawn Childrens Centre
  • Kampala School For The Physically Handicapped
  • Mukisa Foundation
  • Mercy Childcare Ministry
  • Angels Center For Children With Special Needs
  • Katanga Slum
  • International Schools

Why Volunteer For Hope Speaks?

Volunteering for Hope Speaks ministry work allows you to see the world from a whole new perspective. You get to spend time with children who are creating the next generation of Uganda. By assisting them with speech therapy and rehabilitation services, you can change the future of Uganda one child at a time.

When we first started speech therapy in this poverty struck nation, our focus was solely on the disabled children who didn't have a voice. As word got around, more and more middle and upper-class families have chosen to hire Hope Speaks to perform speech therapy on their children. Thanks to the donations of these families, we're able to provide free speech therapy and rehabilitation services to lower-class children.

Why Hope Speaks

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Serve with Hope Speaks by becoming a volunteer. Download our application to get started.

How You Can Help

Becoming a volunteer for Hope Speaks greatly helps us with our mission of giving the disabled children of Uganda a voice.

If you're unable to commit to our programs, we also have an available option for donation.


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