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Private Therapy

Help Two Kids in Need

Private Therapy Sessions

When Hope Speaks first came to Uganda, our mission was simply to provide free speech therapy to children and families living in under-resourced communities. We soon discovered that these weren’t the only communities with difficulties accessing high quality speech and language therapy services - these barriers were nation-wide, and affected all families, despite their income and financial status.

After receiving numerous calls and referrals from people with the resources to pay for therapy, we launched a private clinic for these paying clients. The idea was that those who have can be an important source of funding for those who don’t. And thus was born: One for Two.

With every ONE PAID therapy session, we are able to provide TWO FREE sessions in our outreach clinics, enabling us to deliver more hours of therapy to those who need it the most. It has also enabled us to begin offering FREE Physical Therapy in these outreach locations - a much needed support in our communities!

Our private clinic is now based in Muyenga, at 35A Tank Hill Rd (opposite Hotel International). We are currently taking private bookings and referrals. To find out more, please email our clinic through the link below.


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A Journey with Hope Speaks

"We are an American family running an organization to support refugees in Uganda. A couple of years ago my son was in desperate need of speech therapy and, had Hope Speaks not existed, my husband and I would have had to leave our work so that our son could get the support he needed in the US. Thankfully we were able to access US standard speech therapy, right here in Uganda. Two years in the organization and they are both flourishing - we are so grateful that Hope Speaks provides private therapy. An added bonus was knowing that my son’s therapy meant therapy for two other children through the One for Two program!”

BD, Kampala