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Hope Speaks

Spring 2020 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

We’re deeply honored to share an update with you of what’s been going on at Hope Speaks since the beginning of the year. God is moving through Hope Speaks more than we ever dreamed possible.

Together, we’re getting kids out of hiding. We’re helping families to connect with their children. We’re bringing and keeping families together. We’re helping moms work their way out of poverty. We’re rallying communities together to fight for the rights of people with disabilities. We’re helping people find their voices.

We are truly blessed to be part of an organization that is bringing lasting change to many lives, one child at a time.

We still face a daunting task. 19% of Uganda’s population of 42 million is living with a disability. Most of these people struggle to receive the services that they need to live to their fullest potential. The only way we can hope to do this is with your ongoing help. Would you consider making a special gift to help us continue to bring hope and a voice to these children? Together we can make a real difference!

We’re extremely excited to share the impact you’ve made by donating to our work. Thank you again for your continued partnership, and may God continue to bless you!

Love, Ben & Kari David

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