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Reflecting a Greater Purpose Through a New Name and Look

When we landed in the pearl of Africa, we hit the ground running. Our days blur together as we shuffle from one place to the next offering our skills and time to provide therapy and support to as many kids as possible. We are overwhelmed by the need, but overjoyed by the opportunity to change lives here in Uganda. It’s easy to do our part, because every day we see kids in various circumstances doing their part to thrive. We began to contemplate designing a new logo to accurately capture the essence of our speech therapy ministry. We’ve noticed some parents bring their children to us and have lost hope, reluctant to believe even speech therapy can make a difference in their child’s life. The light in their eyes has dimmed and the pain only a parent can bear is evident on their faces. Over time, as we empower the parents to practice the therapy exercises throughout the week, we not only notice improvements in the child, but the parents return reinvigorated and adamant about the benefits of speech therapy. One mom in particular has become our biggest advocate as she ventures out into the slums to share with others the power of speech therapy and brings other mothers and kids to experience hope and healing. When reflecting on moments like these, the name Hope Speaks flashed in our minds. One thing we can’t deny is hope speaks louder than any words ever can. It lifts spirits, ushers in freedom, and changes perspectives. It’s true some children can’t speak verbally, but they discover other ways to communicate – with smiles, with gestures, with hope. As much as we want our kids to progress physically, a greater desire awakened in our mind – that hope will make its home in their hearts.

A logo is a way for us to visually communicate who we are without saying a word. A unified design and direction is essential to reach more people. Although we’re still attached to our “Mitten to the Pearl” slogan, our work here has expanded and evolved in ways we never imagined. We hope the new name and logo speaks to you. Please share your thoughts in the comments below and stick around for a fresh, fun website in the near future.

For Him & His Kingdom
Ben and Kari

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