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Doreen embracing her son, Jonathan

2022 End of Year Giving


IMPORTANT NOTICE: We’ve been informed that our regular donation link is not working consistently - we have a PayPal link currently set up to accept donations, if you are giving from outside of the US, or our regular donation methods aren’t working, please consider giving through PayPal.

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We are so excited to announce that Hope Speaks has received a $60,000 donor matching grant! It applies to all gifts made between now and midnight on December 31st.

This means that your $1 becomes $2, $50 becomes $100, and $1000 becomes $2000! Isn’t that amazing?

Friend, we have a phenomenal opportunity to double the difference we can make, and we are so excited to invite you on board. Would you consider giving us a tax deductible gift this year?

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We also want to take a moment to thank you for all the support this past year - in case you were wondering how your gifts made an impact:

In 2022 your support helped:

  • Over 350 individual children receive therapy
  • Deliver more than 1,600 sessions
  • Provide over 120 FREE community clinics days
  • Host 3 volunteer teams who conducted assessments, home visits and brought therapy to families we had never been able to reach
  • Employ 1 New Ugandan Speech Therapist
  • Sign on a Physical Therapist for 2023

Doreen with Jonathan and her kids


It feels so good to be doing exactly what we were placed here to do: Inspire hope and raise voices.

And now, with our donor matching, we have the chance to DOUBLE THE DIFFERENCE WE CAN MAKE!

For people like Jonathan and his mother, Doreen, this means the world:

“My son Jonathan is often sick and in and out of hospital. He cries a lot, especially when he is in pain, his body starts to contort, and each time we go to hospital, we are just told that he is anaemic. The doctors failed to figure out what is the condition and the solution, so Jonathan is always on and off medication. It took a long time to get the diagnosis of cerebral palsy and brain damage. We spend almost all of our money on medication for him, but he’s still sick.

There was a time we were taking Jonathan to Physiotherapy, but the problem is transport is expensive. Spending 10,000 shillings ($3) each day on transport is so high for me compared to my standards of living, I can't afford that (most families in Doreen’s demographic live on an average of $2 a day). I don’t get much assistance from Jonathan’s father - he thinks that it’s my fault that Jonathan has this condition.

I am grateful to Hope Speaks. In addition to speech therapy they have helped so much with nutrition packages - porridge for children, food, things that helps us and takes us for some time. It helps us to save on the money that we would have used to buy food some days I use it to take care of other needs. They also help us with money for the hospital and medication.

Without Hope Speaks things would have been so terrible. Hope Speaks doesn’t just provide speech therapy, they also help with the needs like physiotherapy, emotional and social support, honestly, without them, I don’t know how I would have made it. I am grateful.”

Hope Speaks Therapists and Volunteers with Children


Friends, will you join us to continue the mission in 2023? There are thousands of families just like Doreen and Jonathan who need support – and with our matching grant, your gift can help twice as many families! We are here, ready and willing, we just need you to stand with us financially to make it happen.

Please consider giving your tax deductible end of year gift to Hope Speaks to enable us to continue inspiring hope and raising voices in 2023, or start the year by coming on board as a monthly donor!

With hope,

Ben, Kari & The Hope Speaks Team

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P.S. – The donor matching grant expires midnight December 31st. Don’t miss your opportunity to make double the difference!