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Our Mission

Our Misson

We are an innovative nonprofit organization that exists to bring hope and raise voices for children with disabilities through speech therapy, advocacy and education.

Our Desire

Is to see families and communities empowered to defend the rights of children with disabilities.

Core Values


Respecting the inherent value and worth of each person.


We believe in not only helping the families and communities that we serve understand special needs but also rise above poverty to be able to help their families live to their fullest potential.


The families and communities that we serve deserve nothing but the best. We commit to exceeding expectations in therapy, training, and everything that we do through teamwork and innovation. 


Working together with people who support common values and vision to achieve shared goals.


Advocating for social change and acting in ways that promote respect for all persons and demonstrate compassion for the families and communities that we serve. 


Meeting the needs of today and equipping future generations with the education and skills needed to foster permanent change for years to come.


To our donors, partners and families and communities that we serve.