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Ugandan Children Speech Therapy

One paid therapy session pays for Two kids in need. 

O4TNo one in Uganda – respective of income – has consistent access to high quality speech and language therapy services. Over the past 12 months, while working mainly with families living in abject poverty, we also discovered that it is not only the poor who are in dire need of speech therapy services. We began receiving numerous calls and referrals from middle and upper-class families. These families expressed that they needed just as much support as the families we were currently working with. They could become a source of funding and support to our organization and subsidize the work we do for the poorest of the poor. Those who have can be an important source of funding for those who don’t. One for two.

These families were finding that the other six therapists who were practicing in the country lacked the skills and education needed to adequately help their children develop the skills for communication and feeding. One family had been looking for a speech therapist for four years and they had hired and fired several speech therapists because they were causing more harm to the child’s development. After consulting with Hope Speaks staff and board members, all members were in agreement that expanding services to paying clients could be a great opportunity for improving the sustainability of Hope Speaks going forward and helping us reach more families and communities in Uganda.

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